Day1 in UNESCO Youth Forum(17-10-2011)

Welcome to the UNESCO 9th edition of the Youth Forum:)

More than 200 younth delegates nominated by the 193 UNESCO Member States,civil society organizations and key partners, compelling youth speakers, activists and bloggers are gathered here in the UNESCO headquarter in Paris ‘la ville des lumières’.

So what’s the UNESCO YF? It  address the theme “How youth drive change” and examines the concrete ways in which youth constructively contribute towards building a culture of peace, supporting good governance and promoting economic opportunity.

An important effort is made to include as many youth voices from around the world as possible in the debates.The final draft of the forum recommandations will be presented during the 36th session of the general conference at the end of October.

For our first day,the pre-forum day for youth delegates,we had the pleasure to assist to several workhsops about ‘conflict resolution & reconcialiation’ led by UNESCO godwill ambassador Forest Whittaker,’Raise your voice: Reaching international Organization via social media’,’Youth leadership’ ,’Young agent of change’ and  a great musical performance by Peace Child International around the theme of sustainable development.

We were delighted to hear such great speakers and even more pleased to talk to most of them and exchange contacts in the perspective of inviting them or work with them in the furture .

We set up our booth in the Youth expo sharing the place with UNAIDS and UNFPA for the big pleasure of our SCORA-d who never felt that close from his main partners!!!Tomorrow, networking will start at 1pm.

And to conclude this first  day, we want to share with you some memorable quotes of the day from our IFMSA delegates

“Be your agent of change” Isabel Alvarez Rodriguez by Josko.

“You are creators, you can create tomorrow, you can create light” F.Whitaker by Nassima.

“Failure is a profound factor that shapes us, that makes us who we are”Willian Reese by Lamia.

See you tomorrow for more exciting updates.

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