IFISO Spring Meeting in Utrecht

Between May 29th and June 1st, IFMSA was present at IFISO Spring Meeting in Utrecht: The Informal Forum for International Student Organizations joint around 20 different student organizations to share best practices, network, explore collaborations, and discuss strategies for youth engagement and empowerment at a global level.
IFMSA was represented by the Pedro Correia de Miranda, Liaison Officer to Student Organizations, Petar Velikov, Standing Committee on Public Health Director, and Zavira Heinze, Publications Support Division Regional Assistant for Europe.
During three days, there was the opportunity to meet with organizations with which IFMSA is already partner, and follow-up on the collaborations that exist. These include EMSA – European Medical Students Association, IPSF – International Pharmaceutical Students Federation, IVSA – International Veterinary Students Associations, EFPSA – European Federation of Psychology Students Associations, and get to know so many others. Sessions lead delegates through discussion on many different issue. From grants and corporate fundraising to IT infrastructure; from advocacy and and training systems to crisis situation and external communication; all members had the opportunity to share both the problems they encounter on their associations, and brainstorm around solutions, and the success stories on each of these subjects!
It was indeed an amazing opportunity to get to know what best is done around the world, and show IFMSA to others, in a joint collaboration to explore youth engagement to its highest potential.
Pedro Correia de Miranda, Liaison Officer to Student Organizations

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