Peer Education Training in Butare, Rwanda!

Thanks to invitation from MEDSAR Rwanda, two members of IFMSA Team of Officials-SCORA Director – Michalina Drejza and Liaison Officer to Sexual and Reproductive Health including AIDS – Kelly Thompson have facilitated first ever Peer Education Training in Butare, Rwanda.

During three days we have discussed the most important sexual and reproductive health issues for Rwanda including family planning, access to safe and legal abortion, ending AIDS and STIs. We also analyzed the needs of SCORA Rwanda and created the proposals of new projects that are going to be soon introduced in MEDSAR Rwanda actions. Identifying family planning in general as the most important issue for Rwandan SCORAngels we focused the planned projects on targeting unintended pregnancies, unmet needs of contraception and Sexually Transmitted Infections’ prophylaxis. The participants were supposed to plan the projects from the very beginning with analysis, setting the aims, target group, writing and planning the budget and assesing impact on society. Then we did a simulation of project presentation in front of founders and decided which project will get funding.

26 Rwandan medical students from Huye Campus of University of Rwanda in Butare have learnt about peer education method and are trained in advocacy for sexual and reproductive health and rights being ready and motivated to work in the field.

We are looking forward to hear about new amazing projects and campaigns from Rwanda!


Michalina Drejza
Director on Sexual and Reproductive Health including HIV/AIDS


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