IFMSA Delegation to the 64th WHA

IFMSA will for the World Health Assembly, to be held from the 16th – 25th of May, send the following 14-person delegation:

1. Head of delegation: President Chijioke Kaduru

2. Assistant head of delegation: IFMSA Liaison Officer to the WHO – Unni Gopinathan

3. Secretary-General – Heng-Hao Chang

4. Vice-President of Internal Affair – Caline Mattar

5. Liaison Officer on Public Health Issues – Alex Papadopoulos

6. Liaison Officer on Medical Education Issues – Margot Weggemans

7. Liaison Officer on Human Rights and Peace Issues – Diego Iemmi

8. Liaison Officer to Research and Medical Associations – Federica Balzarini

9. Director on Reproductive Health Including HIV/AIDS – Josko Misê

And the following non-TO members:

10. Ms Hanaâ Benjeddi, IFMSA-NL and Coordinator of the IFMSA Task Force on the 2-year strategic plan for external representation

11. Mr Nicholas Khattar, Lemsic-Lebanon and SCORA Regional Assistant for EMR

12. Mr Usman Mushtaq, NMSA-Norway and IFMSA Think Global Initiative Coordinator

13. Ms Anna Klicpera, AMSA-Austria and IFMSA SCOPH Regional Co-Assistant for Europe

14. Mr Rasheed Alameer, President of IFMSA-Saudi-Arabia


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